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115 Acres on the San Saba River

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115 Acres on the San Saba River

Over 4,200 feet of riverfront!

McCulloch County, Texas

Most river properties have the short side of the rectangle on the river. This place has over 4200 feet of riverfront! This is not a place for the perpetual flip-flop wearer (except on the river!). It is wild, wooded, up and down property with a lot of room and a lot of places to explore. Over 120 feet of elevation change running from 1495 feet on the river to 1618 feet at its highest point.

This place is bisected into two equal halves by a deep ravine. The southwestern half of the river is easily accessed by vehicles. A little work in this area could easily turn this part of the riverbank into a shaded, private, park-like paradise with access to the water all along the way. Across the ravine, the northeastern part of the river is accessible only by foot. Narrow in some places, but a relatively easy to traverse path.

The land across the river is 341 acres with a conservation easement. One of the provisions of the easement is it cannot be subdivided, thus insuring a larger measure of privacy.

Surrounding neighbors are fine people. Electricity and a substantial water well are present in the middle of the place. Less than two hours from most of metropolitan Austin. Access off U.S. Highway 71. Asking price is $2,299,843.

Asking Price:


Lot Size:

115 Acres

Structures on the Property:


For more information, contact:

Kirk Roddie

115 Acres on the San Saba River

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